The Best Fit.

Measvre helps men find shirts that fit perfectly. Totally free.

We find you the perfect fitting shirts


Tell us your favorite fit

Tell us your best fitting shirts and answer personal questions so that we can generate your unique sizing and style profile.


We give great recommendations

We cross-reference our database to find what will fit you perfectly.


Look your best

Review your recommendations and buy what you like. With clothes that fit how you like, you’ll always feel great.

The 19 dimensional fit

Most brands only provide one or two sizing metrics, but we take 19 unique measurements for each product. The recommendations we give are matched up to your unique fit profile and we only tell you the best fit.

Buying clothes online is hard

We all want our shirts to fit perfectly, but it’s impossible to know how something will fit when shopping online. Sizing and fit varies from brand to brand; a “Large” from one brand might fit perfectly, and a “Large” from another might make you look like a body builder. Buying and returning clothing is a waste of time and money. We take the guessing game out of fit.

Measvre gives you unlimited, instant recommendations that are tailored to your fit profile. Although clothing brands don’t want to admit it, the reality is that some brands will fit your body well, and some brands won’t. But don’t worry, we never recommend clothing that won’t fit you perfectly.

We're experts

Our unique measvrement system and sizing algorithm allow us to search though an enormous number of brands and give you the best recommendations. Which means you never have to worry about fit again.